Hello, my name is peyton!

they/she/he, 22, furry musician

I do NOT give consent for any of my work to be used for NFTs.

About Me
Hello, my name is Peyton. I am a furry musician who also happens to mess with vocal synths. I have a very large repertoire of other hobbies too such as modding old Nintendo games, streaming games on Twitch occasionally, drawing furry art, there's more but I honestly can't think of all of them at the time that I'm writing this. A majority of my hobbies, however, are gaming and vocal synth based. I am the voice of synth characters Peiton, Bukimi, and Leigh.

I hope to be able to eventually pursue music as a profession, but I am currently paid peanuts from Spotify and Apple Music. If you would like to support my music endeavors, it would be best to visit my Bandcamp and buy some of my discography. I don't have much music publicly released at the moment, so my entire discography can be bought for just around $9!

I'm currently studying sociology at university, so it's a bit tough to find the time to do much of anything anymore.
I also work essentially full-time at a job that also takes up a significant amount of my time. I try to find time around it, but life can just be so exhausting.

Do NOT Fucking Interact
Pedophiles, Zoophiles (and people who associate furries with zoophiles), Racists, LGBTQ+-phobes, Pro-Shippers, Fascists, Crypto Bros, TERFS, the list could go on. Just don't fucking interact with me. Don't perceive me. Don't mention me at all. I want nothing to do with you.